Adventures in PR: Cash-only restaurants & Zagat


Photo by brewcaster on flickr

Via Eater: A link to a story in the Saturday NY Times about cash-only businesses, most notably popular restaurants like Peter Luger in Williamsburg, Sette Mezzo on the Upper East side and Piadina in Greenwich Village. Tim Zagat is quoted in the piece, which isn't particularly notable. He remains the head of the Zagat publishing empire and is a well documented trencherman, after all. 

What did pique our attention was the accompanying interactive map of cash-only restaurants that displayed Zagat ratings and average meal costs for over 150 Zagat-rated establishments. Zagat is notoriously protective over their ratings data, placing it behind a subscription wall on and sharing it only in measured doses to companies willing to pay steep licensing fees, which makes this particular story seem like a well orchestrated "placement." Now if they'd only been able to get it into the Dining section.


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