Au Revoir Chanterelle

We were saddened yesterday to read the news that the Tribeca landmark Chanterelle has closed for good. We were fortunate enough to dine there a number of years ago, before we'd started Savory, and had a wonderful, luxurious meal that was made all the more enjoyable by the formal, but far from fussy service. From when we first walked in the door until the end of the night when we realized that we'd had the restaurant to ourselves for perhaps a bit too long we were made to feel welcomed.

When we returned in early 2006 to shoot the Chanterelle video for Savory, we found that the owners, Karen and David Waltuck, were just as friendly and warm as their staff had been. In all of our time interacting with restaurant chefs, owners and staff we've found that one thing always remains consistent: the personality and character of the people in charge is reflected in the behavior of the staff. Chanterelle was no exception and this, no doubt, played a large part in why Chanterelle prospered for so long and had so many admirers.