Wylie Dufresne

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New York City

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Most Memorable Meal

I can't commit to just one, I can get as much pleasure from a really long and amazing tasting as I can from a hot dog grabbed on the street.

Favorite Food City or Place

New York, because you can get the whole spectrum, high and low.

Favorite Cookbook

Michel Bras

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Recommended Restaurants

  1. PDT

    for: cocktails and tater tots at 3am

  2. Mugaritz in San Sebastian, Spain

    for: I like everything about it: food, wine, service, ambience, setting, everything.

  3. Astrance in Paris, France

    for: An amazing gem of a restaurant serving wonderful food in a great arrondissement. Have the tasting at lunch time, cross the Seine, and go and walk under the Eiffel Tower afterwards.

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